Ergonomics In Johns Creek

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics involves enhancing the efficiency and safety of individuals in their daily movements and activities. It seeks to optimize the use of tools and body mechanics while identifying any factors that may cause injury. The term is derived from the Greek language and means “adapting the job to the person.”

Physical therapists are equipped with ergonomic knowledge to help prevent and treat injuries in their patients. Your posture and movements both at home and at work can greatly impact your risk of developing an injury from repetitive motions or prolonged positions. Your physical therapist can evaluate your environment and suggest modifications to minimize your injury risk.

Important of Ergonomic Therapy in Johns Creek

The way you move and function in your daily life can impact your risk of injury from repetitive motions or sustained positioning. A physical therapist can help you identify any modifications that can be made to your home or work environment to reduce this risk.

What kind of injuries can occur? Some common musculoskeletal injuries faced by employees in the workplace include:

  • Cervical strain and pain (such as “text neck”)
  • TMJ dysfunction and tension headaches
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Rotator cuff strains
  • Epicondylitis (tennis or golfer’s elbow)
  • Trigger finger
  • Back pain caused by muscle, joint, or disc injuries.

It’s important to note that good posture, reducing sedentary behavior, and proper workspace setup can decrease your risk of these injuries, even though it’s not possible to completely eliminate the risk. By improving your ergonomics at work, you can reduce the likelihood of incurring medical bills, lost wages, and decreased productivity due to injury.

Ergonomics is not just limited to the workplace; everyone in your household should have an understanding of good ergonomics in their daily activities, from using their smartphones to driving to playing sports.

What to Expect from Ergonomic Therapy in Johns Creek

One of our physical therapists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your body, medical history, and home and workplace environments. During this evaluation, we will gather information about the setup of your workspace, the tools and equipment you use, your job demands, and a typical day for you. We may also simulate certain tasks to gain a deeper understanding of your work capacity.

Based on this information, we will educate you on strategies to improve your health and well-being in your environment. Our focus is on enhancing posture, energy efficiency, and body mechanics, and making necessary modifications to prevent further pain and injury. This may involve adjusting your computer monitor, implementing rest breaks, or recommending specialized equipment such as splints or wrist supports.

Along with ergonomic training, we may also provide you with physical therapy services such as therapeutic exercises, joint mobilizations, and modalities like electrical stimulation or cryotherapy to address your symptoms.

If you have suffered an injury at work, at home, or during leisure activities, contact our team of physical therapists today to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist. We are dedicated to helping you feel and move better no matter where life takes you.

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Ms. Moni

“I achieved excellent results with the team at JCPT. Beth has helped me with addressing problems with numbness and tingling in my arms/hands and neck pain.  The team has provided insight on how office ergonomics and improper sleep positions have contributed to my condition, as well as ideas on how to address these.  The team is professional, knowledgeable and provides practical insight on adjustments I can make in my daily life to stay in my improved state.  I highly recommend JCPT.” 

Sean L

“My time there was nothing short of excellent. I worked with Beth and she was amazing and helped alleviate my symptoms. The staff there is also great as well. They will treat you like family. 10/10 recommend”