Learn the TOP THREE most common causes of Neck and Shoulder pain.
Free Neck and Shoulder Pain Workshop
  • Do you have pain in your shoulder when reaching overhead?
  •  Is your shoulder motion limited while reaching behind your back?
  •  Are you avoiding your favorite activity because your shoulder is hurting?

Saturday, November 10, 2018 at 10am

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If you answered YES to any of these questions then you won't want to miss the 
FREE Neck and Shoulder Pain Workshop. 
Marc Stewart, PT
Here is some of what you will learn at the FREE WORKSHOP:
  •  The TOP THREE most common causes of Neck and Shoulder pain. 
  • How the pain in your shoulder may be coming from a problem in your neck. 
  •  The number one biggest mistake people with shoulder pain usually make that prevents them from healing. 

"I was a patient at Johns Creek Physical Therapy several years ago and because of that wonderful experience I have returned for therapy following my rotator cuff surgery. Marc is a very good listener with a great sense of humor. He is tough but thorough and that is exactly what has helped me to achieve my goals. I am very blessed to be at Johns Creek Physical Therapy."

Paula B.

What Do Others Have To Say About The Back Pain Workshop?
"After 20 years of lower back pain working as a long haul international pilot I had learned to try to just manage my back pain. My doctor referred me to Johns Creek Physical Therapy and after only a few visits, Marc Stewart was able to alleviate all of my back pain naturally using daily stretching routines and providing me techniques I can use in the cockpit whenever my lower back discomfort occurs. All of this therapy is using stretching only and required no special equipment or any medications---- 100% natural and easy to do. ​"

                                                           Charles V

Several years ago I was treated at Johns Creek physical therapy for a problem with my neck. Since then, my neck has been just fantastic. When I started having back pain about two months ago, the pain was so intense I ended up going to the urgent care and I stayed in the bed for nearly a month because I just couldn't move. After one visit at Johns Creek physical therapy my back pain was completely gone. I'm on my second treatment now and my back has not felt this good in months. Thank you Marc Stewart and Johns Creek Physical Therapy!

Lynette R.

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