Been an athlete all my life. Being 50y and accident prone, I’ve seen more than my fair share of orthopedics and PT outfits. Who hasn’t gone to the factory, gotten the print outs and figured to save the money and do the work at home?! If that’s all you need, good on you, but HUGE tip – get the exercises from Marc; he’ll at least give you the right ones. I have gotten wrong boxes checked plenty of times; who’d know, who really cares. Especially when you’re young and would likely heal okay (not as well, but well enough you think? Right? not really.) If you need a therapist, though, Marc’s the guy. He’s independent for all the right reasons – to give his patients top level treatment and really make people better. He’s as principled and dedicated to his passion / profession as it gets, and the man knows his stuff and takes the time to do things right. When people talk about recommending PTs, they might bring up a story of this person walked again or that person has use of shoulder again. But, ask why – was it due to the PT or due to the fact that outcome was inevitable?! To me, if it can be done at home with the print out, that’s not therapy, that’s not a value added service at all. That’s a free internet search. Sad but true. Marc is a value added service, and I say that as someone who has been to the top five recommended mills in the area being recommended by or connected to the big five ortho outfits. Never again, waste of my time, waste of my insurance, waste of my money. Can do what they do myself. Marc on other hand earns every penny and is a Godsend. A+++++