Simon L.

Being 69 years old and leading a sedentary kind of life in front of my computer most of the day, I recently developed a shoulder pain which bothered me greatly. A sudden pain would occur when I reached out of pick up something or made a causual move that went a little over the limit. I picked up Johns Creek PT because they are closest to me and I am so glad I made the right decision. Marc the owner/Theraphist evaluated me carefully and said he can do something to “make you feel better in six to eight weeks”, which now I know is an understatement. The therapy consists of all kinds of streches, muscle training, and massages, and they changed the conbination of the exercises with the progress. After only seven successions of therapy I am feeling night and day better than when I started! There is no more pain when I lift and turn my arms around. I have to stop the treatment way before schedule due to conflict of time arrangement, but I will keep doing some of the movements I learnt at home just as maintenance. Thank you Marc, Laura, Noah and staff!