Melissa Hornsby  - I had a great experience at Johns Creek PT both times I have been. Marc and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. I have gone for two different issues and both have been resolved completely. 

ChatDiva JGreat place to go. My experience was amazing, the staff the Doctor were out of this world. If you have any therapy needs please go to Johns Creek Physical Therapy it's the best ever. 

Larry Fulgenzi Marc Stewart is perhaps the most thorough Physical Therapist I have ever been associated with in my athletic career. My most recent rotator cuff surgery and recovery was successful but my original physical therapist was not as knowledgeable Marc. I came away from the original physical therapy with a significant amount of lateral shoulder pain. I suffered for several months after the original therapy. However, once I visited Marc, he was able to prescribe a specific regiment of exercises that completely eliminated my pain and increased my strength to nearly 100% of my previous levels. I would recommended Johns Creek Physically Therapy to anyone who wants results. Thank you Marc and your staff. Larry Fulgenzi

Zayra Delgado  Had a great experience. The staff and doctor are very knowledgeable and nice. 

Todd Coppinger  I've been to a lot of PT places through out the years and Johns Creek PT is the best I've been to. Marc and his staff are top-notch. The office is not overcrowded with patients and Physical Therapists. It was exactly what I was looking for in a Physical Therapy office to help me with my condition. 

Lucille Fulgenzi  I fractured my heel and was non-weight bearing for 12 weeks. Being new to the area, I found Johns Creek Physical Therapy thru an internet search. Marc Stewart is knowledgeable, and thorough. He left no stone un-turned in suggesting ways to improve/support my therapy. I was under his care for 5 months and never once felt like a 'number'. I began on a walker and left hopping over the stepper! I can personally compare Marc's practice to a large physical therapy chain: I left for the month of December to visit family for the holidays and had physical therapy with a large physical therapy chain. I never felt like they were vested in me - in fact, I came back with with less range of motion. Marc has always shown compassion, listened to my concerns and helped my get back to pre-injury shape.  I highly recommend Johns Creek Physical Therapy!

Ajay Gupta  Excellent PT facility....probably the best I have been too. The staff is great and Marc himself pays attention to each patient. They try to limit the # of patients at one point of time so that individual PT treatment can be conducted efficiently.
I would not go to any other PT after visiting them

Karyn Mullins  Marc is a great PT. He made my knee feel good as new. I would recommend him without hesitation. 

B.J. Evans  Marc and his staff are friendly and courteous and provide excellent care. 

Katherine Grace Uy  Marc and his staff are professional and pay attention to detail. I will definitely be back!! 

Carri Haigh  I asked my PCP for a referral to JC PT based on verbal recommendations from other patients. I found Mark to be very personable and I felt very comfortable with the consultation. He was able to target the source of my pain and explain clearly what was going on and how we would proceed.
The facility is very clean, well lit and organized. The front desk staff is friendly and had all of the paperwork I needed to sign ready to go.
I would recommend Johns Creek Physical Therapy to my family and friends.

Janet Mitchell  My experience here was top notch. Marc and his team are great. 

Carole - "He changed my life!"
Written Testimonials from our customers about the results they received at Johns Creek Physical Therapy
Kieran - I became more aware of what was causing my acute sciatica and made necessary changes to avoid such pain.  My acute sciatica was reduced significantly (approx. 90%). I learned exercises that helped me deal with leg weakness which was a coincidental symptom of my sciatica.  I had periods of complete freedom from lower back pain, especially after daily exercises.  I had not experienced complete freedom from back pain (other than epidural injections, since the car collision, 12 years ago)
Melissa - When I arrived on Tuesday I was in critical pain and could not move my neck  Just in 3 visits I am 95% better and able to move with little to no pain.  Marc and his team did an excelled job helping me recover.  Everyone at Johns Creek PT is very caring and helpful.  I will definitely be back if I have any further issues and be happy to recommend others.
Charles - I came to PT at Johns Creek Physical Therapy.  I could not ride in the car without extreme pain in my right leg.  Eight trips to PT and its Gone.


When I first came here I had really bad knee pain; I could not bend down or run without my knee hurting.  After a few sessions the pain was almost gone and by the end of the treatment, the pain had disappeared.  Thanks Kate and Marc!! You Guys are Awesome.
Chasity - Great place to go for therapy.  My experience was amazing the staff and the doctor was out of this world good.  The customer service was amazing which makes you want to have therapy there. Marc works with you to help you get better and better.  It was no pressure at all.   I will definitely come back and recommend everyone I know to come here.
John - I came to JCPT with difficulty and pain walking on my left foot.  Marc and his team quickly diagnosed the root cause of the pain and developed a treatment plan.  The treatment worked well and I saw continuous improvement over the course of the treatment.  I finished in great shape and would recommend Marc and team  to anyone requiring physical therapy.


I have utilized JCPT on three separate occasions requiring rehab therapy after hip surgery, shoulder surgery, and spinal and muscular issues.  On each occasion, JCPT carefully evaluated my conditions and designed therapy programs to aid the healing process and return the maximum as possible flexibility and strength to those affected areas.  I have been extremely satisfied with the results and successes of my therapy and credit it with my being able to return to previous activities, such as golf, without the prior pains associated with those activities, that I enjoyed prior to the surgeries and therapy.  The entire staff, from admin to all of the therapists are friendly, knowledgeable, caring, and, importantly, hands on and attentive to your progress to assure success and positive results.  I would highly recommend JCPT to anyone requiring physical therapy.


I am so pleased that I saw the ad in the paper for the free workshop on Lower Back Pain and Sciatica. I have suffered with low back pain for years.  A recent episode of severe and debilitating pain really scared me. I am a very independent and active person and I needed to figure out how to I could prevent these episodes.  The workshop put me on a new trajectory for effectively managing my sciatica and low back pain. I feel so much more confident and hopeful that the exercises Marc Stewart taught me will help me manage my back pain.  I am back doing everything I want to do.  I am so happy.  I am 95% better I was before I started at Johns Creek PT.  Marc, Thank you for all you did and education. Your expertise and for making such a huge difference in my functionality.


I had signed up for Marc Stewart Free Workshop.  Instead I made an appointment for a consultation with Marc Stewart.  After talking with Marc about my back pain and burning sensation in my legs, he advisesd me that he could help me.  I made an appointment the following week.  I saw some improvement from my first visit.  The burning sensation in my legs was less and no pain in my leg. I have had 7 sessions now and I have seen a great improvement in my flexibility and mobility and no more back pain. Marc and the staff here are great.  They are friendly and want to help me to get better.  I still have a way to go, but I have faith in Marc and his staff.  They also help with your insurance.


The first day I came to physical therapy was day after total knee replacement.  I was using a walker and could barely put weight on my knee. Now I am eight weeks after surgery and can walk without limp or cane.  My range of motion is good and knee pain is getting better every day. Everyone at Johns Creek Physical Therapy was professional and kind.  They were all helpful in getting me back to my normal active life as quickly as possible.


I came to Johns Creek Physical Therapy four days after total knee replacement. Marc and his staff worked with me for eight weeks, seeing me through every aspect of my knee recovery.  Marc and his staff at Johns Creek Physical Therapy are friendly and professional.   Marc always made me work hard.  The humor he added while pushing me made it a little easier.  His knowledge of physical therapy was evident. He always explained what was going on with my knee and what we needed to work on to get my knee to where it needed to be.   Kate, Laura, and the rest of the staff were always eager to assist me with my therapy and fun to work with.   I'm not saying it wasn't hard, and yes, painful at times, but I can now enjoy long walks and daily life without pain.  I also want to give a thumbs up to the laser therapy Marc introduced me to after a few sessions.  I went from not being able to complete a full cycle on the recubant bike to actually making it go completely around.  That might sound like a very small accomplishment but it was a milestone for me.  I can now hop on and pedal and pedal without pain.  I can't wait to go bike riding with my family.  Thank you Johns Creek Physical Therapy for making my journey a wonderful experience.


My original expectations were to have some pain relief but a long healing process.  I was unable to stand or walk, let  alone run, without considerable pain. Two weeks later I am pain free and ready to return to all of my athletic endeavors.  What an incredible breakthrough in treatment of injuries where blood flow is limited.  I am forever grateful and will recommend this to all!


After 20 years of lower back pain working as a long haul international pilot, I had learned to try and just manage my back pain. I had assumed after talking to other pilots with similar issues and during doctor visit I had a ruptured disc and was just putting off the inevitable back surgery.  My most recent doctor decided on an MRI and it was discovered I had no damage to any of my discs.  My doctor referred me to Johns Creek Physical Therapy and after only several visits - Marc Stewart was able to alleviate all of my back pain naturally using daily stretching routines and providing  me techniques I can use in the cockpit whenever my lower back discomfort occurs.  All of this therapy is using stretching only and required no special equipment or any medications. It is 100% Natural and easy to do everyday.


Great and clean facility. Loved Marc and the staff.  Completely professional and helpful. I give Johns Creek Physical Therapy 5 stars.
Hayter - "Amazing! Never seen anything like it. Unbelievable"
Shawn - "It really is a lot better!"
Diane - "Incredible! Happy! I can stand now. I couldn't for months."
Carla - "Significant Difference"
Chris - "50% improvement"
Steve - "At least 90% better! Almost no pain. Amazing!"
Kathryn - "Helped with Healing. Bend much better! No pain in several weeks"
Amos - "Feels a lot better"
Dr. Kevin Wilk - "Deep Tissue Laser Therapy gets a better result sooner and faster and makes people faster and better"
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